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Eduard Qualls was raised in a religious household in which the only things to read were the newspaper, the Bible, a hymnal—and a 1956 encyclopedia. He found early refuge and inspiration within that multivolume set. A quick learner, before starting the second grade he had already read through the encyclopedia once, and had started again to go through his “favorite letters”: ‘C’ for California and China (and Chinese), ‘G’ for Greece (and Greek), ‘T’ for Texas, ‘U’ for United Kingdom and United States, and ‘W’ for both World and World War II.

This early start in education, augmented by a remarkable set of public school teachers, ultimately culminated in his testing out of an entire year of college. He had started speaking French at age 11, followed by Latin, Spanish, and more French in high school. At the same time he had started studying German, Italian and Chinese on his own, and pursued Modern Greek with tutoring by the mother of the local Greek Orthodox priest.

A college degree in German and Music, with minor in French, was followed by graduate work in Musicology and Latin, culminating in a switch to Graduate Business.

A shock to someone whose life had been, until that time, totally immersed in Humanities and Fine Arts, he adapted to this move into business studies by understanding accounting as the ‘language’ on which business is based, and by realizing that all business activities are rooted in humans—within the Humanity of their endeavors and their communities.

A Master of Science degree in Business Administration was followed by almost thirty years of successful productivity within the software industry, specializing in programming and software development, from low-level device drivers and operating systems work to high-level applications: computer graphics, internationalization, and text processing and localized text-formatting. These activities were greatly enhanced by further, post-graduate school, formal and informal studies in Mathematics, Chinese, Japanese, Sanskrit, Hebrew and Arabic.

The late economic downturn has given him the opportunity to put into writing a culmination and aggregation of the insights derived from his academic training and business experience, his long-term studies in the Humanities and his observations of the human condition and its development throughout history.

Mr. Qualls is the author of several books, the latest being the second edition of Community Capitalism: Pulling Capitalism Back From Its Own Abyss. This was preceded by a reference book, detailing the rules whereby he had achieved a mastery of English and its usage, The Qualls Concise English Grammar.

Further information, including an explanation of his motto (around the shield, above), is available on his personal website,